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Access Your Bodies Healing Potential


I work with your bodies innate chemistry to enhance your immune response to disease. I liken it to tuning into a radio signal that is specific to you.

E mail me at . I will speak to you within 48 hours to discuss your needs and help you decide if my work can help.

  • You can make an urgent appointment here. There are very limited slots.
  • There are in person sessions available. Call for an appointment.
  • I have been in practice since 1993
  • My work is confidential.
  • Sessions are planned specifically for each individual.


Sign up -

 First time appointments are 1 hour. This allows for an intake conversation.

  •  Usually a two week waiting period.

Urgent- Click below for an appt.

Interior Scan

This is a prepaid examination,  it will be done within three days.



Enhance your bodies healing properties.




Focus on physical health.

It impacts the whole person in every way.



A way to enhance all your health processes.



Aligns with






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